About Us

We are a service company whose scope of action is in the Executive Transport of People. Our mission is focused on granting safety standards, efficiency and quality in the service we provide to our customers.
The processes that we develop for the fulfillment of our objectives are dynamic and focused on the preferential attention of our passengers, making the proactivity, the proximity and the feedback, permanent processes, which are oriented to achieve the continuous improvement of our actions and functions as company. We have a solid organizational structure which allows the operationalization of the planning and control processes to be carried out properly, which is why, over the years of experience, it has allowed us to consolidate ourselves at the forefront of the executive transport of people in our region. This achievement is obtained by incorporating, permanently, professional drivers who meet the competency profile to develop in our company and renovation of modern and high-end vehicles, which generates the acceptance, appreciation and loyalty of our customers.


As a company, we have special attention so that our drivers and vehicles are in optimal conditions, so that they can perform the service requested by our customers, providing maximum excellence.
Safety is a fundamental factor in the development of the activity of TRANSPORCAR, therefore, we supervise that all our drivers have a legal work day, paying special attention to the fulfillment of their rest hours. To this is added the compliance of the occupational health assessment program, to which the drivers are subjected, in the medical center of the Occupational Safety Institute (IST), where the alcohol and drug tests (marijuana and cocaine) are carried out, psychosensical exams, which are applied to people who perform the activity of professional driver and occupational exams, as appropriate.

Trained Drivers

Drivers have different trainings, so they can improve their driving skills, such as: Defensive driving; Use of fire extinguishers and security elements; Safe driving and Fatigue Control; Ways to act against the occurrence of accidents; among others. There is also a permanent control, of the validity of the documentation of our drivers.

Our Fleet

We have a large variety of vehicles latest models and full equipment. Each of them is subject to the program of preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. The application of this program is in charge of the Fleet manager, who applies a permanent control of the mechanical conditions and the condition of the vehicles that provide service in TRANSPORCAR, which allows to elaborate the evidences of the periodic maintenance, to which it is submitted every mobile. The special attention for the quality and security of our service, is evident in the contracting of the passenger seat insurance and the periodic review of the validity of the documentation of each vehicle.

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